New Bounds on Instantaneous Nonlocal Computation

Replacing Interaction with Entanglement Alvin and I have recently completed a study of instantaneous nonlocal computation.  This is a task – with a somewhat misleading name – that involves simulating a nonlocal quantum gate using pre-shared entanglement and non-interactive entanglement.  One prominent application of this task is in quantum position verification, where the spatial coordinates […]

The Zero-Error Entanglement Cost is Highly Non-Additive

Buy one, get \(n-1\) free! Qiuling and I have recently posted a paper on the arXiv that studies the zero-error entanglement cost its regularized version for maximally correlated bipartite states. Using techniques from the resource theory of coherence, we show that it is possible to generate \(n\) copies of certain entangled states using the same […]